Resurfacing Services

Bringing Life Back to Every Surface.

Resurfacing is what we have been know for from day one. Accountability and consistency is what makes us great at resurfacing - We always honor our warranties and look forward to your next project.


Just because mustard yellow countertops were popular in the 80’s doesn’t mean the foundation is bad as well. Our resurfacing solutions utilize the most sustainable products in the industry and we make it a priority to educate our installers, our valued customers as well as the tenants occupying the units.

Resurfacing Services

We use the safest industrial cleaners, etch all porcelain and apply adhesion promoters for a stronger bond. When the surface allows - we apply the lowest VOC compliant coatings as possible. We repair all knife cuts, chips, burns and missing laminate. We also remove all masking and recycle our waste after we complete the job.

Laminate or Tile Countertops
(LOW VOC coatings applied)

Fiberglass, Acrylic or Porcelain Tubs
(Tubs are Etched and adhesion promotors applied)

Solid colors or multi-colored resurfacing to update the surfaces.

Doors, Drawers, Cabinet boxes inside and out.
(LOW VOC coatings applied)

Porcelain Tile, Brick or Stone
(LOW VOC coatings applied)

We offer non-skid bath mat applications before we resurface the tub or if you just want one applied for the safety of the tenants.