Helping You Keep Your Rentals Rented

Updating, Repairing and Maintaining your Rentals

There is always some maintenance needed when your rental becomes vacant. Surfaces get damaged and eventually outdated. This can make it difficult to attract potential tenants and gives your competition a leg-up.

Knowing when to repair, replace, or refinish a surface that is outdated or damaged is not easy. You have a budget and schedule to maintain, along with the other responsibilities of managing your rental.

We get it. Managing and maintaining a rental is hard. Finding a dependable service provider who knows the rental industry is even harder. We are here to help you get rental units back on the market, under budget, and on a schedule.

How We Can Help

We provide rental unit repair, replacement, and resurfacing services for any budget.

Our service options tailored to your needs:
Resurfacing: Most-cost effective way to update your most costly surfaces.
Replacement: Amazing turn-around times, quality products and craftsmanship.
Repairs: Fiberglass repairs and spot repairs that keep your costs down.

We Are Here For You

With tens of thousands of work orders successfully completed over the past 20 years, we keep our clients happy and their properties rented. Check out some of our recent work and what others have said about working with us.

“My job is to take ugly and make it beautiful. Surface Renew's team helped me pinpoint my vision for elegant, luxurious apartment units in my complex. They provided an affordable, high-quality solution for the entire remodel process. I saved thousands of dollars and continue to recommend their company to others.”
~ James H. Snelling - JaMar Properties/ CEO

“They do an amazing job on all of our units. Their staff is always very professional and gets the job done. They are also the most cost effective I have found in the area.”
~ Alicia Turner - Property Manager

“Great and dependable company to do business with. Through the years of being an apartment complex maintenance supervisor. I had them do over 200 bathtubs, countertops, and fireplace hearths. A+company.”
~ Brian Solomon - Maintenance Supervisor

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