Fireplace Resurfacing

Make your hearth shine

Fireplace Resurfacing


Fireplaces are a rarity in homes these days. When they do exist, they deserve to set the standard for the rest of your home. We provide both tile or brick fireplace resurfacing to preserve whatever feel you are going for, rustic, modern or anywhere in-between.

We only use the best practices when it comes to resurfacing. Ensuring that repairs are made from the start and that all ash is removed is of the utmost importance. In turn, the end product is a beautiful fireplace that you can show off to all of your guests.


Utilize resin filler to fix and rebuild missing pieces, repair spider cracks and replace missing grout.


Nobody wants ash and dust painted into their fireplace. Give it a good clean, use your exhaust fan and use a little solvent to wipe down the tile.


Mask everywhere so you don’t get overspray on the walls and flooring. We do whatever it takes to ensure your space and belongings stay clean during the process.


Fill in porous areas to help with adhesion.


After everything is prepped, we apply the color coating of your choice. We can match any color you may want or decorative style you choose and Voila!