Bathtub Resurfacing

Let us Give You the Tub You Deserve!

Resurfacing Bathtubs

We can do one-piece fiberglass tub and shower combos, fiberglass shower pans and spot repair of chipped porcelain and fiberglass tubs. All of these elements take care of both the life of your product as well as the visual appeal.

We use the safest industrial cleaners, etch all porcelain and apply adhesion promoters for a stronger bond. When the surface allows - we apply the lowest VOC compliant coatings as possible. We repair all knife cuts, chips, burns and missing laminate. We also remove all masking and recycle our waste after we complete the job.


In this industry, it’s ALL about the prep. The first important step is setting up your fan and making sure it’s ON, followed by extreme attention to detail when it comes to caulking, stripping, sanding, drying, masking, repairing, priming and everything in-between!


This step involves a lot of coats. First you start with your Tack Coat (top coat), then you build your coats and then you end with a Wet Coat.

Clean Up

You have enough to do - We remove all masking and dispose of all material waste responsibly.