Squeaky Tub Repair

Is your tub talking to you? It shouldn't.

Foundations settling, and improper installation are the main causes of squeaky tubs. Our process reinforces the tub from the subfloor up to the bottom of the tub. Strategic holes are drilled in the tub bottom, filled with polyurethane foam, repaired, and resurfaced to match the rest of the tub. Getting you back to using your tub in peace.

We can repair a squeaky tub in simply 3 days or less!

Drill Holes

Holes are strategically drilled in the bottom of the tub.


High-density foam is injected under the tub through the drilled holes to add the support needed.

Fiberglass Repairs

All holes are fiberglass repaired and sanded smooth.

Prep & Refinish

Clean and prep the tub for proper adhesion. We can color match and resurface the tub bottom only or refinish the whole tub - Your Choice!