Fiberglass Tub Repairs

What we can do for your tub

Fiberglass Bathtub Repair

We handle fiberglass bathtub repair with extreme care and attention to detail. We are able to support it, repair it, completely resurface it, or custom color match spot repair. You won’t even know it’s there!

Using as many safety precautions as possible, we begin with making a routers cut in all damaged areas. This four step process is tedious but results in a gorgeous tub that looks brand new!

Router Cut

Cut out the damaged fiberglass areas, and do so smartly!

Support Filler

We insert a support filler which dries like concrete under the damaged areas of the tub.

Fiberglass Repairs

Once the areas are prepped, fiberglass matting and fiberglass resin are applied and sanded smooth - ready for refinishing!


Depending on you budget or time - we can refinish the whole tub or custom color match the tub and do an area resurface the repaired spots - Great for occupied units!