Repair Specialists

The Care That Your Products Deserve.


We cover fiberglass repair, porcelain chipping, and even squeaky tubs. We work with you to maintain products with the highest level of care so that your homes are as good as new upon move in. The lifetime of your property will increase drastically as a result.

Repair Services

Cracked or Damaged Tub? Chipped Sink? Surface Renew has got you covered! We specialize in Tub and Sink repair!

We specialize in repairing eyesores and saving you money. Our custom color matching allows us to repair your damaged areas and make them disappear while making a smile on your face appear!

Most common with fiberglass tubs - Squeaky tubs are a result from lack of support under the tub or the building has settled in a way that the bottom of the tub no longer rests on the subfloor or support brackets. We can fix the obnoxious sounds your tub is making in just 2 days!

Our fiberglass tub repairs are second to none and done in ONE DAY. We add support filler which dries like concrete under the cracked area(s). Next we use fiberglass matting and resin to finish off the repair. After the repair is finished, we can resurface the complete tub or we offer custom color matched coatings and area resurface the repaired area only (great for occupied units). We also provide porcelain chip repair services to save on the cost and time of replacement or to just get rid of an eye sore.
(great for occupied units)